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Gridmat is the most advanced, cost effective portable flooring system available today. Lightweight, hard wearing and easy to install while hiding power cables. The Gridmat tile system can also be used as a semi-permanent surface on grass as it allows growth through the holes in the surface. The grass can even be mowed. Gridmat is extremely strong - a 2 ton vehicle can be driven over it with ease.

Gridmat center, side and corner pieces are available in black, grey, or red. Click on the image to view the item's spec sheet. Contact us for more details.

GridmatLaundry Areas
GridmatOutdoor Spaces
GridmatGridmat Assembled with Red Trim
GridmatGridmat Assembled with Black Trim
GridmatGridmat Assembled with Grey Trim
Gridmat Center PieceCenter Piece
Gridmat Corner PieceCorner Piece
Gridmat Side Trim PieceSide Trim